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This site represents a unique chance for both ENT specialists and residents to discover innovative surgical techniques in otolaryngology and neurotology, with continuous updates. Thanks to the beautiful images granted by the use of endoscopic approaches, learning the anatomy of the middle ear becomes easier and fascinating like never before.

  • To build the network
    ENT – EES allows to get in contact with the surgeons to ask them questions and suggestions. This interactive discussion can help professionals around the world to understand the usages and advantages of the described techniques, making the site the natural evolution of the classic ENT textbook.

  • To improve your own knowledge
    To improve your professional and scientific knowledge, have a look to the web library of ENT - EES. A collection of clinical cases and anatomical descriptions spacing in all areas of ENT is completely available not only for trainees but also for experienced surgeons looking for updated in their field of interest.

  • To discover the innovations
    The ENT – EES allows to discover innovative surgical techniques in otolaryngology and neurotology, and to become familiar with EES (endoscopic ear surgery), lateral and anterior skull-base approaches and techniques for free-flaps harvesting, with continuous updates.

  • To be clear and easy
    To allow perfect understanding of all the steps and of the key anatomical features, every case is illustrated with pictures and a short video of the surgical procedure.

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